Pioneer RT-1020-h...need spectrum analyzer

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Pioneer RT-1020-h...need spectrum analyzer

Post by DancingBear on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:58 am

This might be Pioneer's finest. It works great and has little use on it. I wired it for US, changed belts and changed two large motor-brake caps.

I want to trade for something I can use in my shop. Give me a shot. I'll consider anything (but would prefer a condo in Hawaii). Don't let the odd date on the photo confuse you. I just don't know how to set my camera easily was taken about a month ago. Even though it doesn't appear this way in the photo the face is virtually unscratched. It also should be mentioned that the deck is designed to run at 15ips, double speed. It can do sos, sws and sos.

This will be difficult to ship. I'm in the northwest.

I need a spectrum analyzer. I'd prefer an earlier HP unit, like an 8555A or 8554A, the non-digital device of my past. A network analyzer is nice but not sure I am that familiar with the use.

includes manual, take up reels, etc.

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Re: Pioneer RT-1020-h...need spectrum analyzer

Post by Resistance is Futile on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:49 am

If you put a value on it and then people can compare in like kind values.
what do you want? tools, test equipment, radios?, audio equipment?, books? you need to give some hints.
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