ZTO and 6G501M Hardware and plugs

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ZTO and 6G501M Hardware and plugs

Post by qanerd on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:51 am

I am getting close to finishing a 6G501M Zenith (and yet another H-500 ZTO). I am wondering if anyone out there has a definitive handle on the color of the hardware including all the hinges and clasps?
It APPEARS that a lot of the hardware in the 6G was lacquered black but I can't really tell due to corrosion. If you have a really good copy of this radio or a really good closeup of an original, would you post it?
I also cannot really tell from photos what finish all the ZTO internal hardware (door latches, screws, clips, etc.) had orignally. I had to Naval Jelly all that stuff. Some of it also appeared to originally be black lacquer but 60+ years were not any more kind to my radio than they were to me.
Also does anyone know of a source for original style AC plugs? All I can find are patently modern and definitely not available in 1941 or 1951.

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