FS - Knight D-106 table radio-SOLD

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FS - Knight D-106 table radio-SOLD

Post by rocketeer on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:16 pm

I found a radio I wanted at a shop but the guy would only sell the two he had as a pair so I ended up with this Knight D-106 table radio. I'm not really interested in it so I'm offering it for sale. Here's all I know about it. It appears complete, unless it had a rear cover originally. In the one side view you can see some residue from a sticker of some sort. The line you see is not a crack but appears to be a string of glue. The wood is in good shape. No power cord. In the spirit of full disclosure, I shined a light in there and it looks like the dial face may have been glued in place. I did not take it apart. $20 plus shipping from 18235.


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